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James Hilton presenting a keynote

James’ keynote speeches are designed to help existing and aspirant leaders to consider  the importance of self-care and resilience within a leadership context.

Despite the pressures of the modern workplace, ‘stress’ has gone and got itself a bad name. Yet with over 10.4 million working days a year lost at a cost of £6.5 billion, it is a hugely significant issue.

Most of us have either been affected by stress or know someone close to us who has suffered at some point in their life. Although attitudes have softened in recent years, a stigma remains and many people are reluctant to admit to suffering from stress, at least publicly, for fear of how they might be judged. Stress isoften the ‘elephant in the room’.

James talks about the elephant. He shares his leadership story and it’s one, like yours, of managing in turbulent times. James loved his job and he cared greatly. But how do you cope when everything on your ‘to do’ list is ‘urgent’ and ‘important’? James openly about his past battles with work related stress and shares some of the coping strategies he learned in his recovery after a period of absence.

He also shares some of the common traits and characteristics of leaders who have remained resilient in times of rapid change.

Moving, amusing at times, but always from the heart, James addresses issues affecting leaders everywhere.

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James Hilton presenting a workshop

The Resilience Factor:

In this, his brand new keynote speech and workshop, James explores some of the common traits of resilient leaders as well as how to develop them in yourself and the people you lead. Based on James’ book, ‘Ten Traits of Resilience’. We explore the issues of clarity of purpose, optimism, trust, courage, decisiveness, a sense of fun and turning adversity into opportunity.

Leading From the Edge:

In sessions of one to one & half hours…

James tells his background story from ten years ago. A very experienced school leader, he none the less failed to spot the mounting signs of stress within himself and was eventually forced to take time away from the job that he loved.

James takes the audience through some of the key indicators to watch out for in themselves as well as in the people they lead. He then goes on to share some of the key coping strategies he learned in his recovery and how he returned to five more successful years in headship. He also encourages participants to share their own stress management strategies.

In a half-day session…

After a break, James works through a number of ideas and activities that help participants to explore some of the mechanics of why our brains are wired up for us to worry. We will never eliminate worry from our lives but if we better understand it we can stop it from controlling us.

In both sessions, James uses a lot of visual imagery and some video clips to support the points he makes.

James take his subject-matter seriously but less so himself! The tone is designed to be thought provoking but amusing in parts.

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James has had experience working with many different organisations, including schools, universities, The National Association of Headteachers, the National Health Service, The Local Government Association, universities, and commercial sector clients such as SKY, AstraZeneca, Gazprom Energy, The Tribal Group and The Confederation of Private Transport and a number of charities Because of this, he understands that every client is different and one size doesn’t always fit all.

To talk to James about your requirements, please complete this form, which will send a message to James directly. He will then get back to you within two working days and will be able to discuss and assess your requirements with you directly.