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September update

I have had a fabulous month, driving and zig-zagging around the country speaking in London, Oldham, Hastings, Sheffield and Chesterfield and meeting many wonderful and inspirational people along the way, it was none the less, a welcome break to catch the train when I was invited to London to attend a book launch for Ross McGill.

His new book, ‘Te@cherToolkit’, is aimed at helping new teachers to survive the first five years. It’s a great book.

The launch was at the offices of Bloomsbury Publications, who will be publishing my own book, ‘Leading From the Edge’ an in depth look at surviving and thriving the stresses of leadership.

‘Leading From the Edge’ will be published in January 2016, and with the clock counting down to the first printing run at the start of December, it is all starting to feel very real!

I really look forward to sharing my story with you along, with the lessons learned and strategies for resilience.

As they say, ‘Watch this space for further details…..’

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