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Riding the waves

The last six weeks have been amazing and a bit of a whirlwind. Since the publication of my book, I have had had the opportunity to write for four well know education magazines, received an average 5-star review rating on Amazon and a 9.3 out of 10 rating in a review on UKEdchat.

Book sales are going really well and the feedback I have received from conference speeches has been so kind. I am glad to have had the opportunity to tell my story and have I have been genuinely touched by the response.

We all have difficult periods in our lives. I think it helps to see them as waves. They seem scary and frightening as they approach but they eventually reach the shore and lose their power and potency. We all need to find the strategies, that work for us, to help us ride those waves until they pass.

In the run up to Sports Relief, I have been following the trials of a number of celebrities, including ‘The One Show’’s Alex Jones and Formula One’s Suzi Perry taking part in BBC’s ‘Hell on the High Seas Challenge’

Tasked with sailing a 65- foot yacht around some of the trickiest waters in the UK, they had a clear route and plan in mind. However, forces beyond their control came into play, in the shape of gale force winds. This, combined with sleep deprivation, severely affected the celebs, but they finally emerged victorious raising around a million pounds for some very worthy causes.
Whatever our line of work, external forces beyond our control frequently come along. They can knock us off or even force us to take shelter. The ability to manage our stress levels is often challenged if we powerless or disenfranchised. The difficulty is that, so many of our targets in our professional lives are dictated to us. One solution is to try and regain some sense of control by setting our own personal targets.

Decide to read that book that you have been meaning to get round to. See that film you promised yourself you would see. Join an evening class. Take on a project in the house or garden.

If we can’t control the targets in our work lives, then we can regain some sense of mastery of our own vessel, by setting shorter, achievable courses in our personal lives.

Ride the waves. Try it and you will feel better.

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