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November Update

With less than three months to go to publication of ‘Leading From the Edge’ things are getting very exciting. Final edits have been completed, Bloomsbury Publications have commissioned some fantastic cover art work and the book now goes to be type-set and printed ready for publication in January.

Over the last few days I have had the privilege of speaking at the NAPH Heads’ Conference in Cambridge and the NAHT Cymru Conference in Newport. I have been so touched by the welcome I have received. Many people have spoken to me at those conferences or emailed afterwards to say that my story and the strategies I have offered to manage stress and stay resilient, have deeply resonated with them. One Head approached me to say that they had experienced a particularly tough time eighteen months ago and had considered resigning their position. They were kind enough to say that reading a magazine article I had written had persuaded them to stay. Another Head wrote to say that with potentially thirty years to go in teaching, my session had given him a real wake-up call.

I really hope that my book will resonate with people. We are all somewhere on a spectrum of stress and resilience. If ‘Leading From the Edge’ helps people to recognise and manage symptoms in themselves, or the people that they lead, I will be a very happy man.

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