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About James

A photo of James Hilton

James Hilton is an international writer, author and speaker. He helps people to navigate the stresses and strains of the modern workplace in both the public and private sectors.

James’ first book, ‘Leading from the Edge’, was published by Bloomsbury Publications in 2016. An in depth look at leadership, resilience and stress management, the content will resonate with leaders in every profession. James weaves together personal anecdotes, practical strategies and research in a book that is optimistic, moving, sometimes humorous, but always from the heart.

James is a frequent contributor to the national and international press including ‘The Guardian’. ‘Leadership Focus Magazine’, ‘Education Today’, ‘Education News’ ‘School Leadership Today’, ‘Teach Primary Magazine’, & ‘Teach Secondary Magazine’. He also has his own regular column in the Spanish national newspaper, ‘Escuela’ and has appeared on T.V. and radio.