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James Hilton presenting a keynote

James’ keynote speeches are designed to help existing and aspirant leaders to consider the impact of work-related stress within a leadership context.

Despite the pressures of the modern workplace, ‘stress’ has gone and got itself a bad name. Yet with over 10.4 million working days a year lost at a cost of £6.5 billion, it is a hugely significant issue.

Most of us have either been affected by stress or know someone close to us who has suffered at some point in their life. Although attitudes have softened in recent years, a stigma remains and many people are reluctant to admit to suffering from stress, at least publicly, for fear of how they might be judged. Stress is the ‘elephant in the room’.

James talks about the elephant. He shares his leadership story and it’s one, like yours, of managing in turbulent times. James loved his job and he cared greatly. But how do you cope when everything on your ‘to do’ list is ‘urgent’ and ‘important’? James openly about his past battles with work related stress and shares some of the coping strategies he learned in his recovery after a period of absence.

Moving, amusing at times, but always from the heart, James addresses issues affecting school leaders everywhere.

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