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  • Keynotes and conference speaking

    Keynote presentations

    James' keynote speeches are designed to help existing & aspirant leaders to consider the impact of work-related stress within a leadership context.

  • Workshops and training

    Workshops and training

    James takes the audience through some of the key indicators to watch out for in themselves as well as in the people they lead.

Not sure what you need?

James has had experience working with many different organisations, including schools, universities,The National Association of Headteachers, the National Health Service, local government, universities, and commercial sector clients such as SKY Broadcasting, AstraZeneca and The Confederation of Public Transport. Because of this, he understands that every client is different and one size doesn’t always fit all.

To talk to James about your requirements, please complete this form, which will send a message to James directly. He will then get back to you within two working days and will be able to discuss and assess your requirements with you directly.